Mount Tagpew, Kibungan Summit, Benguet


The Kibungan Summit, also known as Mount Tagpew, is a prominent mountain peak located in the municipality of Kibungan in the province of Benguet, Philippines. While the specific historical details of the Kibungan Summit itself may not be widely documented, the area holds significance in terms of its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and its importance to the indigenous communities in the region.

Benguet, as a whole, has a rich history as one of the indigenous highland regions of the Philippines. The indigenous people of Benguet, collectively known as the Ibalois, have inhabited the area for centuries and have a deep connection to the land and mountains surrounding Kibungan. These mountains have played an essential role in the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the indigenous communities.

For generations, the Ibalois have utilized the mountainous terrain for their livelihoods, practicing traditional agriculture and cultivating crops such as rice, vegetables, and coffee. The mountains have also provided them with natural resources for their daily needs. The Ibalois have a profound respect for the land and maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, recognizing its significance for their survival and cultural identity.

In recent years, the Kibungan Summit and its surrounding areas have gained attention from outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who appreciate the natural beauty and challenge of climbing the mountain. Mountaineers and hikers are drawn to the panoramic views, pristine landscapes, and the sense of adventure that the Kibungan Summit offers.

While the historical details specific to the Kibungan Summit itself may not be extensively documented, it is important to recognize that the mountain is part of a larger historical and cultural context. The indigenous heritage of the region, the Ibalois’ connection to the land, and the traditional practices associated with the mountains contribute to the overall historical significance of the area.

As a place of natural beauty, cultural importance, and outdoor recreation, the Kibungan Summit continues to attract visitors who appreciate its unique characteristics and wish to explore the region’s rich heritage. It serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted history and cultural identity of the indigenous communities in Benguet, as well as a testament to the enduring value of the mountains in the lives of the people who call this region home.

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