Overseas Voting Registration Deadline: October 14, 2021 Thursday

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The Philippine Government is urging the OFW around the world, to be part of the 2022 national elections by registering to vote by Thursday, October 14, 2022, which is the deadline of registration.

Who can register as an Overseas Voter?

Under Republic Act Number nine one eight nine, as amended by Republic Act No. 10590, all citizens of the Philippines, or, duwal citizens, who are not disqualified by law, at least 18 years of age by 09 May 2022, may register as an Overseas Voter, and vote for President, Vice-President, Senators, and Party-List Representatives in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Where can I register as an Overseas Voter?

To register to vote as an overseas voter, the first thing you need to do is to check the website of the Philippine consulate in your country of residence to find out if you need to set up an appointment online before you can come or not anymore. Double-check the instructions for walk-ins before going to the consulate office. Make sure you have the correct opening and closing hours. Make sure you have the requirements prepared before leaving.

What should I do if I moved and need to update my residential address?

Registered voters who wish to change their mailing address, transfer their registration from other countries into the new country, or correct other details in their registration such as a change in their name etc., must also do so in person.

What do I need to bring to register as an Overseas Voter?

In order to be allowed to register to vote, you need to present any of the following.

What do I have to bring to register as an Overseas Voter?
In order to be allowed to register to vote, you need to present any of the following:

  1. A copy and original Philippine Passport.
  2. If you don’t have a valid Philippine passport, present a copy and original of your NSO birth certificate.
  3. Present a valid immigration card like the greencard in the United States. Copy and original.
  4. You can also present your immigration Visa. Copy and original.
  5. If you are a Seafarer: a photocopy of your Seaman’s Book or any other document that will prove that you are a seafarer should also be submitted in addition to your Philippine Passport.
  6. If you are a Dual Citizen: please submit your Dual Citizenship certificate (original and photocopy)in addition to your Philippine Passport.

Philippine consulate health protocols.

Different Philippine consulates may have different sets of rules for their health protocols imposed in their office. In order to abide by the health protocols in your country of residence, please check the consulate’s website, Facebook page, or contact over the phone to make sure you follow the rules to avoid getting denied entry.

List of Overseas Philippine Embassies And Consulates General

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